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Mazda Z engine

  • 1.3 L; 82.3 cu in (1,348 cc)
  • 1.5 L; 90.9 cu in (1,489 cc)
  • 1.5 L; 91.4 cu in (1,498 cc)
  • 1.6 L; 97.5 cu in (1,598 cc)
  • 74 mm (2.91 in)
  • 75.3 mm (2.96 in)
  • 78 mm (3.07 in)
  • 78.4 mm (3.09 in)
  • 83.6 mm (3.29 in)

The Mazda Z-series is a smaller gasoline inline-four engine ranging in displacements from 1.3 L to 1.6 L. They are the evolution of the cast-iron block B-engine.

The Z-engine has 16-valves operated by dual overhead camshafts, which are in turn driven by a timing chain. The block of the 98-02 Z5, ZM and ZL engine is cast iron same as the earlier B series of engines.

Other Z engines have aluminum alloy block and head, with cast-iron cylinder liners. The block features split upper and lower block assembly for added strength and rigidity, special long intake manifold for added torque, S-VT continuous variable valve timing, and a stainless steel 4:1 exhaust header.

In 2011, Mazda started to introduce the SkyActiv G-engine as a new, more economical option with vehicles that also ran the Mazda Z-engine. Production was finally halted in 2014, being the last year of the Demio/Mazda2, Verisa as well as Axela/Mazda3 of their generations. From here on in, Mazda moved on to the full SkyActiv architecture vehicles including running only the aforementioned SkyActiv G-engine but now offering it in also larger displacements, as well as a new SkyActiv D-engine turbo-diesel.

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