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Что такое reman двигатели

Двигатель Хессельмана

Двигатель Хессельмана является комбинацией бензинового и дизельного двигателя, предложен шведским инженером Йонасом Хессельманом в 1925 году. Впоследствии данный тип двигателя применялся в тяжёлых грузовиках и автобусах, выпущенных в промежуток с 1920-х по 1930-е годы.

Линейка продукции Cat Reman для двигателей:

• Двигатели в сборе
• Блоки цилиндров и Блоки цилиндров с головкой в сборе
• Головки блоков цилиндров
• Коленчатые валы
• Маховики
• Распределительные валы
• Топливные насосы
• Масляные насосы
• Водяные насосы
• Форсунки
• Поршни с шатуном и гильзой в сборе
• Турбины
• Стартеры и генераторы
• Электроника
• Шатуны
• Коромысла и толкатели
• Маслоохладители

Remanufactured turbocharger parts

Turbocharger remanufacturing is very popular within the aftermarket as an original turbo part can often be very costly to replace.

A professional turbo remanufacturer will carry out a ‘pre-production’ inspection of all old units to ensure that only the best turbo core is selected for reman.

Once selected, the turbo is completely dismantled and individual components thoroughly cleaned to remove dirt or debris, prior to a shot blasting treatment that returns the parts to the same visual condition as new. All parts are then individually inspected to ensure they meet the original specification and tolerances.

Then the reman process begins. Crucial parts like bearings and seals are 100% renewed, and the core assembly, turbine shaft and wheel and compressor wheel are checked according to OE specifications. After all parts are prepared, the core assembly is balanced using a balancing machine and only when a unit passes the final balancing tests is it deemed ready for final assembly.

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Choose the Best Solution for your Pickup

Complete Engine

What is it: A complete engine is a fully dressed engine remanufactured to exacting standards and built on a Cummins ReCon® assembly line. These drop-in engines include the latest improvements in design and material, and every single unit is hot tested to ensure performance and quality.

Why you need it: If you are looking at replacing your entire engine, this would be the right choice for you. Engines are built to Cummins factory specifications and are backed by the best warranty in the industry. Engine replacement generally takes only a couple of days – from diagnosis to completion – getting trucks back to work fast. Cummins remanufactured engines also provide greater value through better fuel efficiency, lower maintenance costs and lower emissions than a typical repaired engine, and substantially better potential resale price of the vehicle.

Long Block

What is it: A long block includes engine block and rotating internals (crankshaft, pistons, and connecting rods/bearings).

Why you need it: In situations where many of the external components are still viable, a remanufactured long block can be an attractive alternative. Built to the same standards as remanufactured engines, the long block option allows reuse of external components such as the turbo, lift pump, wiring harness, fuel pump and fuel lines.

Short Block

What is it: A short block includes the engine block, crank, rods, main, and thrust bearings.

Why you need it: In the event that an engine block shows extensive wear or significant damage, a short block is a great option. This option allows for the maximum reuse of parts including the cylinder head.

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For a detailed list of part numbers and a comparison of Long Block and Short Block products:

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